Shopping small business this Christmas

As a small business owner it may come as no surprise to you that l’m fully supporting small businesses this Christmas. I love treating family and friends but l have a constant self battle with waste and buying certain things from certain shops makes me shudder if l’m honest. So Black Friday and all things associated with it make me feel, well quite uneasy.

So when Holly Tucker launched #ColourFriday last year as a way to support independent businesses l rejoiced!

We all remember shops that we once loved to visit as kids or even recently. And maybe our consumption over time has changed but we feel sad that these places no longer exist. Well the shocking fact is so many small businesses will not survive this Christmas. Sales in the lead up to Christmas with the cost of living crisis have hit rock bottom. These aren’t big companies with shareholders taking huge dividends every year. It’s the mum at the school gate who’s trying to build a career for herself that works around family life. It’s the talented artist who lives a minimal lifestyle and maybe not confident enough to shout from the rooftops how amazing she/he are.

So over the coming weeks, l’ll be sharing my favourite small businesses on socials and even in my blog. I would encourage you to do the same. Sharing costs nothing and may seem like such a small act, but will help us small business owners out so much.

Huge hugs,

Kat x

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