How to get crafting with young kids

October 2022

Mummy, can we do some crafts!?

Sound familiar?

I absolutely love crafting myself but cleaning up after kids on top of the usual daily mess just doesn’t appeal often. But embroidery is absolutely brilliant and a pretty clean craft so when my daughter asked to do it was easy to make her smile😍

I know many are nervous to stitch with little ones, so here are my top tips to remove the stress: 

💕 Pick a topic they love. Today I made a bespoke kit for my daughter as she wanted to stitch her Granny’s dog! Using a kit will remove the extra work.

💕Be there to help them and then sit back whilst being present and let them explore. The sense of achievement when they thread their own needle is something else😍

💕Find a quiet spot with good light that’s comfortable to sit for a while.

💕Take regular breaks and don’t rush it. It’s wonderful to teach kids to slow down and to appreciate quiet time. This could become a valuable skill as they grow older.

💕Lots of praise really helps build their confidence when trying something new, especially if they find it tricky. 

💕Have fun with it. We had such a giggle doing this together today. It really set a lovely tone for the rest of the day. Proper quality time! 

If you’re considering some crafts with a little one or know a crafty kid, I’ve got some fab embroidery kits for kids age 6+ and 9+ all perfect for stitching beginners. They all come with video instructions too for a more visually engaging way to learn. 

💙 Please get in touch if you would like any recommendations for a good kit.

I hope you have a lovely day. Kat 😘

Photo of young crafter embroidering a dog
Rainbow embroidery kit suitable for age 6+