New Year Revamp

There’s no better way than to start the year as you mean to go on and for me l want to move towards living a life that’s more environmentally friendly and creating sustainable zero waste changes. 

Having long been passionate about up-cycling, l reached out to two other small businesses who share similar values to me. The incredible Julia @ Tatty_moo and Kirsty @makedoandtrenduk 

Collectively we have developed a series of 9 workshops that all use items you have around the house as the base of each project and essentially reduce waste. On the list are:

T-shirt screen Printing, Fabric wrap project, Revamped Jeans, Three tees into one, Moth eaten knits fixed, cardboard up-cycling, covering up stains on clothing and taking up your jeans/skirt/dress! 

We are going to be running each of these workshops for free! Yes, we’re that passionate about up-cycling and creating a zero waste way of life, we would like to welcome to join us to see what it’s all about. 

All you need to you is:

1. Download worksheet including the zoom link from the shop kits section of my website. If you click on the photo to the right, it should take you through to the page to download. Links to Julia’s and Kirsty’s worksheets and zoom links are also in the photos. 

2. Source any materials you need

3. Join us for the live session if you would like to ask any questions. Alternatively, join us after as we plan to record each session and will attach the link to the download after.

4. Finish up your project and get loads of compliments!

As l mentioned we have decided to run these workshops as ‘pay what you can’ as we are keen to keep them open for as many people as possible to join. However if you would like to show your appreciation with a tip, a coffee or a slice of cake (carrot is my favourite!) there will be a link to each of our Ko-fi accounts and that would be most appreciated.

The first workshop starts on the 18th January 8pm GMT and is Jeans revamp. l look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible 💕




Slow Fashion Movement Ambassador
Oct 2021

I’ve recently become an ambassador for the slow fashion movement, which l’m thrilled about. In this role l’ll be helping others think differently about their fashion consumption by showing people how rewarding it can be to up-cycle using embroidery.

It’s my dream to set up physical up-cycling clothing & accessory workshops that are accessible for all. I would love to save more clothes going to landfill by giving people the tools they need to fix and find new ways to love their wardrobe again. 

So taking one step closer to this l will be launching a challenge in November across two weeks where l can help others up-cycle something out of their wardrobe for the winter.

The first session l will host on Instagram and anyone can join. The second will be a zoom call where you can show me what you’re working on and l will give you all my top tips to create something beautiful.

Please send me a message on if you would like details to the instagram live event on the 2nd November or the Zoom on the 16th November💚