Butterfly crazy

July 2022

Butterfly Embroidery Kit

Summer always makes me think of butterflies and there’s nothing nicer than sitting in the garden with a nice cold drink, embroidery in one hand and watching a butterfly or two fluttering past.

I’ve stitches many a butterfly commission over the past few years, so l was excited to finally design and launch a  butterfly kit that was accessible and fun to do for beginners and for those with more experience too that fancy a new project.

This kit is now live in my shop and comes with everything you need to make your own wall art. You can frame it in the hoop like l have here or take the fabric square and mount it with a frame of your choice.

At some recent craft fairs, I’ve been told they will make lovely birthday gifts  and even thoughtful thank you teacher gifts to help those tired teachers relax over the summer holidays!

So head over to my shop to have a look for yourself

PDF Embroidery Patterns

If one embroidery kit wasn’t enough to launch, l’ve also just released a new PDF pattern design for a Monarch Butterfly with lavender too. I just love monarch butterflies….what can l say!

This pattern was so much fun from beginning to end and so satisfying too adding all the little white speckle details.

The lavender l used a layering effect with some lazy daisies which creates a really nice 3D effect. I’ve also incorporated a few little extra detail l love to add to my pieces which l feel really help give them that extra special feel.

So if you fancy having a go at a new pattern, and like the sound of 20% off head over to my monthly pattern subscription. Patterns will be sent out on the 6th July, but it will be available at that price until 2nd August (the eve of the next pattern release)

For full information on this pattern as part of my Monthly pattern subscription, please head to the link below

Rebecca Page Embroidery summit

June 2022

Have you heard about the Rebecca Page Embroidery Summit?

Well firstly, l’m delighted to announce l’ll be one of their teachers this year for their prestigious Embroidery Summit 💕

The summit is an opportunity to join thousands of other embroiderers from around the world for the 40+ FREE online classes from June 13th to June 17th!

From Introduction to Machine Embroidery, to Upcycle A Cardigan Using Embroidery, French Knot Flowers, Creating Textures With Embroidery Sew And Embroider A Fancy Handbag With A 3D Flower Detail… we have a class for you!

If you would like to get involved, l have a link that takes you straight through to the sign up page below. Please message me if you would like more information though💌

How to transfer embroidery patterns to fabric

May 2022

There are many ways to transfer an embroidery pattern onto fabric. The first thing to consider is the colour of the fabric you will be stitching on. Below are my recommended approaches for both:

Light coloured fabric:

1. Trace on pattern  – Using a water or heat erasable pen in a light box or up against a window or light coloured computer screen can be a really good way to trace a pattern on. I would not recommend using a regular pen but if you are feeling confident, a pencil lightly would work ok too. Using masking take to keep the fabric and pattern in place is also a good tip, especially if your pattern is quite detailed.

2. Print directly onto fabric  – Print directly onto Fabric – Using something called Freezer paper it’s possible to iron it to a fabric of your choice (and then print directly onto fabric) I have used this method for years but it does take a bit of practice to get right and not upset your printer! Look out for my video on Instagram and Pinterest showing this. I have also added a few photos of the stages on the left. The paper itself, you iron it on, cut to size and a sneak peak at a monarch butterfly pattern that l’ll be adding to my shop soon…..shhhhh can you keep a secret😝

Dark coloured fabric:

3. Magic Paper – Also know as stick & stitch paper is amazing when working on dark fabrics. 

It can be bought online or in haberdasheries. You print your pattern onto the paper and then cut to size and peel

off the backing paper and stick to the fabric you’ve chosen.

These are my favourite 3 ways of transferring patterns. If you would like to see more videos or information please feel free to message me on I’ll be adding lots of how to videos to my Pinterest and Instagram over June❤️

Also if you’re feeling inspired by this post, why not head over to my shop where you will find a selection of lovely PDF patterns ready to download today💌

Monthly patterns to your inbox

Embroidery Pattern Subscription Launch

May 2022

For me it was amazing to see so many people take up embroidery during lockdown. I love how as the pace of life slowed down, we took time to craft, explore new hobbies (albeit home bound) and most importantly took time for ourselves. Many of you even did crafting with your kids as young as 6 who also benefitted from the mindful craft.

Today as life gets busier, costs are rising and we are trying to pack in all the things we have missed, l can’t help but feel a bit sad. Sad that we are forgetting how important spending some quiet reflection time was and how amazing we felt after creating something from scratch. 

So l’m launching my monthly embroidery pattern subscription package to give you monthly inspiration to pick up your hoop and needle and take some much needed time out for yourself 💕

🌟Who is it for?

I’ll be designing each of the patterns for those with some embroidery experience. As like all of my kits and patterns, they’ll start with easier stitches and you can build up to harder and more adventurous ones as your confidence grows.

It’s also for those who have already built up a bit of a floss stash and got a bit of equipment and looking for some new designs to try out. I love learning new stitches as l’m sure you do too, so expect to see some really fun and different stitches each month.


Designs – The designs will be seasonal and sometimes topical and will be possible to be framed in a hoop or even in a square frame. This is how l do my embroidery so l thought you might like the same option too

Included – Included in each months pattern will be the pattern for a 6” or 4” hoop, colour guides, recommended supply list, stitch guides, embroidery tips and a link to my Pinterest bank of video stitch guides.


Will it work – Each month you will receive your pattern straight to your inbox from Kat@treasurekave

How long do l have to subscribe – You can unsubscribe at any time, so there is no pressure to stay. I understand financial constraints fluctuate. I will however be rewarding those that stay for 3 months + with free patterns and special video content that can’t be found on the internet without a link

How much will it cost – Normally my digital embroidery patterns & instructions will cost £9. But by subscribing you will save 20% at £7.29 per month.


You can subscribe over at


Each new pattern will be released and sent to your inbox on the between the 1st and 7th of each Month. You will also get a sneak peek at the pattern for the following month over on my Instagram and an email sent out.

🌟Other questions:

Can you request topics for me to design around – If there is something you really would like to see more of, l’d love to hear from you and l will always listen and try to accommodate into the schedule

I’d love to hear what you think so please do get in touch over at or DM me on social media @treasure.kave 

Have a great day, Kat x

My word of the year:


May 2022

 At the start of every year l try and think of a word that l intend to capture in all of my goals, aspirations and that l plan to approach my work & life.

Well for 2022 my word is ‘Celebrate’. I thought to myself how would l like to look back on the year and remember and l can’t think of a better word.

I have many personal reasons to celebrate. Firstly l will be 40 later this year and this would also have been my Dad’s 70th and my dear friend Lindsay’s 70th too. 

It’s a year of milestone birthdays amongst my family and friends too, so many opportunities to get together and celebrate, not forgetting the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. I mean 70 years in one job, still smiling and not publicly expressing frustration….she really does deserve a medal!

Given that embroidery is often seen as an old school craft, it felt fitting to create an embroidery design that was fun, had a modern twist and was a celebration of all things Royal and British. I had an absolute ball stitching up these samples and l’m loving seeing the photos of the kits emerge. The perfect centrepiece for a Platinum Jubilee street party table!

It may only be May, but with every product based business, Christmas planning at Treasure Kave HQ has already started. And can l tell you….l have a huge celebration planned! I’m talking sparkles, personalisation and must have gifts😝

I feel like in 5 months l already have a lot to celebrate too. I am working with 2 new craft studios, about to launch a digital PDF pattern subscription service and working with a huge sewing company as one of their embroidery teachers. I have just built and moved into my own workspace. No longer do l have to run around 4 different areas in my house to post out your orders. I’m sat typing this, surrounded by all my lovely embroidery hoop samples and loveliness. My heart couldn’t be more full and the energy in my space is electric. I feel like my creative juices have been given a large Vodka Red Bull, but without the next day hangover!

Most importantly l have done all of this whilst being kind to myself. Sometime my inner dialogue can be overly critical and that’s something to work on further and something l’m hoping to celebrate later in the year.

So my question for you…..would you like to join me in celebrating 2022? Maybe you could celebrate up-cycling a once loved dress and preventing more of your wardrobe going to landfill. Maybe you want to learn some new embroidery stitches. I would love to help you on your embroidery journey as it bring me so much joy and l love helping others feel the same way…..that would help me celebrate too.

Thank you for your time reading my thoughts today and l hope you find a reason to celebrate in 2022💌


35 Embroidery stitches - Come learn with me

Feb 2022

Last summer l launched a series of free embroidery videos to help others learn embroidery stitches. I published them all on Instagram, Pinterest and You Tube to understand what people wanted from each platform.

And l was blown away with the response, especially on Pinterest and Instagram. So l’ve picked 35 stitches which start with easy beginners stitches and work up to more advanced stitches. I’ve picked the ones l use most regularly and what l see as most useful.

I will start filming on the 22nd of February so your first stitch will be emailed out for those on the Silver and gold package on the 24th. Instagram and Pinterest upload also on the 24th.

So grab your download now and come and join me for a lot of stitchy fun💕

The free downloadable pattern is now available on my website and the link can be found below.

There are 3 options depending on your budget and the level of detail you want when learning. Here’s a brief overview of what’s included in each

The Basic package: The free downloadable pattern, Access to overview videos on Instagram and Pinterest, recommended kit and supplier list

The Silver package: Everything in the basic package + weekly emailed exclusive You Tube videos with detailed voice over instructions on each stitch and tips.

The Gold package: Everything in the Silver and basic package + a Physical kit including printed pattern, 5 x 8m embroidery flosses, 6″embroidery hoop, 2 x size 3 embroidery needles and the option to buy scissors.

Want to know a bit
more about me!?
Feb 2022

This is the face behind all the embroidery!  Recently l was approached by Go Solo magazine who are run by Subkit about an interview. It was great to talk to them about how l got started and tips for other budding entrepreneurs.  If you’d like to read more about me and my journey and things l would do do differently if l did it all over from the beginning again…please click through to the link.

Time with the girls
Feb 2022

Doing a craft activity with others is so much fun and you walk away with cherished memories, a tangible thing (not just a hangover!) and a lot of giggles along the way. I love teaching at local studios as I meet so many lovely people and chatting whilst crafting and learning gives you such a sense of fulfilment. You feel open and free somehow and like nothing else in the world matters…so to replicate that at home with wine and friends is just magical! 

Introducing the ‘You’re Sew Awesome’ kit 

This embroidery kit is packed with 5 projects and has everything you need to get started with some embroidery fun.

It comes with:

5 x patterns

2x Fabric squares & 6m embroidery floss

Embroidery needles & heart pins

Stitch instructions & video tutorials

3” Embroidery hoop

Love heart sweets 

Comes in 2 colour ways: Pinks or pastels

These kits would be perfect for a weekend away with the girls, a baby shower activity, or even a hen party. 

Please get in touch if you would like a tailored kit with themed designs as l would be happy to create the perfect package for you. 

I would love for you to experience the fun of crafting with your best friends 💕

Valentines gifts that last
Feb 2022

When l think about my favourite valentines gift, it’s got to be a heartfelt message. The flowers wilt over time, the chocolates are gone in minutes..but the message stays with me. So l thought what if you could write a special few words and have them in way you could display them for years to come.

This personalised love note is perfect for an office desk or a special place in your house to let your loved one know she or he are special all the year round and not just one day of the year!

Personalised with a message of your choice and delivered in a gift box. Check out all the details using the link below 💌

New Year Revamp
Jan 2022

There’s no better way than to start the year as you mean to go on and for me l want to move towards living a life that’s more environmentally friendly and creating sustainable zero waste changes. 

Having long been passionate about up-cycling, l reached out to two other small businesses who share similar values to me. The incredible Julia @ Tatty_moo and Kirsty @makedoandtrenduk 

Collectively we have developed a series of 9 workshops that all use items you have around the house as the base of each project and essentially reduce waste. On the list are:

T-shirt screen Printing, Fabric wrap project, Revamped Jeans, Three tees into one, Moth eaten knits fixed, cardboard up-cycling, covering up stains on clothing and taking up your jeans/skirt/dress! 

We are going to be running each of these workshops for free! Yes, we’re that passionate about up-cycling and creating a zero waste way of life, we would like to welcome to join us to see what it’s all about. 

All you need to you is:

1. Download worksheet including the zoom link from the shop kits section of my website. If you click on the photo to the right, it should take you through to the page to download. Links to Julia’s and Kirsty’s worksheets and zoom links are also in the photos. 

2. Source any materials you need

3. Join us for the live session if you would like to ask any questions. Alternatively, join us after as we plan to record each session and will attach the link to the download after.

4. Finish up your project and get loads of compliments!

As l mentioned we have decided to run these workshops as ‘pay what you can’ as we are keen to keep them open for as many people as possible to join. However if you would like to show your appreciation with a tip, a coffee or a slice of cake (carrot is my favourite!) there will be a link to each of our Ko-fi accounts and that would be most appreciated.

The first workshop starts on the 18th January 8pm GMT and is Jeans revamp. l look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible 💕




Slow Fashion Movement Ambassador
Oct 2021

I’ve recently become an ambassador for the slow fashion movement, which l’m thrilled about. In this role l’ll be helping others think differently about their fashion consumption by showing people how rewarding it can be to up-cycle using embroidery.

It’s my dream to set up physical up-cycling clothing & accessory workshops that are accessible for all. I would love to save more clothes going to landfill by giving people the tools they need to fix and find new ways to love their wardrobe again. 

So taking one step closer to this l will be launching a challenge in November across two weeks where l can help others up-cycle something out of their wardrobe for the winter.

The first session l will host on Instagram and anyone can join. The second will be a zoom call where you can show me what you’re working on and l will give you all my top tips to create something beautiful.

Please send me a message on if you would like details to the instagram live event on the 2nd November or the Zoom on the 16th November💚

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