Ready to get Christmas Crafting – Oct 2022

I truly adore Christmas crafting. I love the colours, the textures and l love adding newly crafted items to my house each year.

This year l had the pleasure of filming two designs for Rebecca Page as one of her Embroidery teachers and despite filming in 40 degree heat, l adore the designs. I wanted to create a few things that weren’t just circles and could be hung anywhere around the house. I also wanted to create a wearable that would jazz up Christmas outfits without a huge price tag. So you could say l have designed most of my new range with me as the ideal customer in mind! But l know l’m not alone!

When l’ve asked in recent social media polls, l learnt that 50% of you start Christmas crafting around August and nearly everyone else starts before December! We really do like to be prepared early for the big day/season.

My Christmas ranges are now available n my shop and the Christmas section of the shop reactivated for 2022….with many a delight. Soon to be stocked with custom ready to buy banners and other festive gifts. Please head over using the link below to have a look…l promise you won’t regret it. 

Have a great day, Kat x

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