Craft Parties and Workshops – Kicking off 2023 with new exciting ventures

Craft parties and embroidery workshops

I started teaching embroidery in workshops a few years ago now and l thoroughly enjoy every single class l take. So l’m here today to tell you about more craft parties and workshops coming in 2023.

There’s something just magical sitting in a room and stitching all together. I love listening to your stories and your experiences with embroidery and crafting, amoungst other things. And it’s invaluable time for me to see what others find more challenging and how l could help more and simplify. I take all of this information and when l’m planning future projects, l adapt to make each kit and workshop that bit better.

So for 2023 l have planned to do a lot more workshops! AND l have also introduced craft parties and corporate workshops.

2023 kicked off with a bang and I have already run my first craft party for the year which was for an amazingly crafty 10 year old and 8 of her best friends. It was wonderful and l think l enjoyed it as much as they did! The girls did so well with some of them never picking up a needle and thread before. They should be so proud of themselves.

I’m in the process of updating things like LinkedIn, so if you’re looking for a corporate wellness day activity you will be able to find me. Having spent 15 years in corporate roles before l started a family and set up Treasure Kave embroidery, l remember well how valuable time out as a team can be.

My friend asked me recently, “where are you finding all this extra time”. I promise, l haven’t discover a time machine in the Berrylands conversation area…..although wouldn’t that be wonderful! The secret is, l’m learning to focus on a plan where l’ve mapped out key projects for each month of the year. I have also learnt to focus on areas of Treasure Kave embroidery that make my heart sing. And meeting lots of lovely people, like you, makes me happy, so that’s where l will be putting my focus this year.

I have a newly added section to my website where you can find links to all my workshops (that aren’t in private venues) and more details on my craft parties and corporate workshops.

I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day and happy stitching, Kat x

Craft parties and embroidery workshops
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