About Me

Katherine Savage

Hi! I'm a busy mum of 2 young ladies, pursuing a career in what l love, embroidery. Following a 1st Class Honors degree from London college of Fashion in Product design & development, l pursued a career in fashion buying. But I always dreamed of having my own business. I started this business in 2020 when l started to have a bit more me time and I'm very excited about where the last year has taken me and what the future holds.

My embroidery journey

From a young age I fell in love with embroidery. My first memory sewing was with my Granny whilst on holiday on the Isle of Wight, l must have been around 7. She taught me to embroider, knit and do various other crafts and we should spend hours practicing and sitting quietly listening to nature. I was (and still am!) a very busy girl and needed to have busy hands so immersing myself in crafting was an amazing feeling. I love how it magically transports me to a relaxed, creative and happy world. At school textiles and theatre studies gave me the opportunity to spend hours transforming and up-cycling clothes, sewing and exploring fabric shops for treasures. In my spare time l would make bags for friends, clothes for myself and started to get commissions to make capes and bespoke items. I knew it was what l wanted to do. However it didn’t seem like a feasible path to do straight away and l wanted to study further. I was accepted onto the BA Product Design for the Fashion industries (as it was then called). 4 years of hard work and l walked away with a 1st class degree from the university of my dreams. I mean l couldn’t be happier! I had done a work placement at Hugo Boss in the Retail team as a buying and merchandising assistant and had made some wonderful friends. So when l was offered a permanent role, l said yes immediately. Life was busy and my sewing took a back seat as l learned various other skills and had my mind opened to other opportunities. Every so often l would have a quiet weekend and dust off my sewing machine and they were the best weekends. I took some time out and went travelling to South America in 2007 and through the various markets and exhibitions fell in love with fabrics and crafting all over again. I came home with a view to have a career change, but that again took a back seat with l was offered a job at Harrods in the Menswear buying team. 4 years later and with a huge love of cashmere and all things luxury, l eventually move into retail consulting. My buying roles had previously been quite creative where as the consulting work lacked that, apart from what you could do on a powerpoint template! So l found myself drawn back to embroidery again and dreaming of having my own shop. I planned to set up a shop in 2014 on Etsy and listed 1 product and 5 years later following the birth of my daughters, i was given the opportunity to reevaluate life and Treasure Kave was born in October 2020. I’m so excited to see where my Embroidery journey takes me with Treasure Kave!

Benefits of sewing

Today embroidery is my me time, its my creative outlet and my go to if l’m feeling anxious or stressed. Just like it did when l was a kid it takes me to a magical and relaxed place and l’m sure l’m a better person after it. So l was not surprised to learn that Embroidery has proven medical, emotional and physiological benefits. Turns out the simple act of sewing has proven health benefits that will enhance your wellbeing.

Embroidery has the power to:

Relieve stress

Improved hand-eye coordination

Keep your mind focused

Increase happiness

Teach patience

Enhance your creativity


Why not start your embroidery journey today 💕