Getting into blogging – January 2022

Putting myself out there!

Working for myself has many many benefits that l love, however l do miss people. So when the opportunity arose recently to get together with a group of like minded small business owners l jumped at the thought. 

A week before the meeting, l had all the details, virtually met a few people going and then the butterflies started. They grew from what if others don’t like what l do, to l feel like a complete imposter!

I used to present at big meetings and yes l had butterflies before every one but not like this. Why was it different?

So l sat and thought through why this was so scary…just the thought of getting out there and it was complex. People l’d never met before, physically being around a group of people and then also the feeling of not being a big enough business or successful enough.

I was worried if l tried to explain what l did and nerves got the better of me, l would come across as a complete idiot!

So l thought l would make myself something to wear. Something that would help me explain what l did and also in turn remind me why l love what l do. Introducing my bunny collar💕 You could call it a confidence collar really as thats what it gave me. It gave me the confidence to walk in and be me and was also a very useful talking point. 

I got home that afternoon after meeting so many wonderful people and was absolutely buzzing. The energy was amazing and my bunny received so many lovely compliments. I sat and enjoyed the moment as l had created something l loved, shared it in an amazing environment and overcome my imposter syndrome fears. I work so hard to create a job and a business that works for my family life that its very easy to mask over how l feel about it sometimes. But what l’m learning is l thrive when l do things l love, when l put myself out there and challenge my comfort zone. So here l am sharing my bunny collar in all it’s glory. 

They’ll be added to my shop soon so let me know in the comments what kind of animals/themes you would like to see on a collar 💌

Kat x

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